About Don

Producer, Speaker, Author, Mentor, & President of Web3Direct Emerson Brantley said it best: “In the dozens and dozens of speakers & trainers that I’ve seen and worked with over the years, very few have the Heart, the Vision, and the Integrity that I found with Don.  If you are even considering looking for someone you can trust to guide you and coach you in your life, talk to Don, you’ll be glad you did.”  Tens of thousands have experienced Don Johnson’s life changing presentations internationally.

Johnson’s over thirty years in sales, platform presentations, and mentoring as a Master Martial Arts Instructor, Real Estate Investor, and Mentor have enabled Don to create proven and transferable systems to generate significant life improvements & multiple revenue streams – eliminating the four decade learning curve.  Don has designed turn-key life & business systems that are immediately implementable.

Johnson has been a Deacon in his church and actively involved in preaching, teaching, men’s ministry, small groups, performing arts ministry, church development and missions.  He is a Black Belt Master Instructor, multiple state AAU Champion, and Ironman tri-athlete.  Don is happily married over 20 years and counting, and Daddy to 3 happy, healthy, well adjusted children.  Johnson earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majoring in Finance/Real Estate from Indiana University Kelley School of Business where he also attained membership in multiple academic honor societies.  Don is founder of several successful businesses.  A full time Real Estate Investor for over 13 years now, Johnson has completed hundreds of transactions, over 100 million in deals, and has several dozen cash flow properties currently in his portfolio.  Don loves, absolutely adores, helping others to experience more success and lasting joy.

Johnson is the author of “Creating Customers for Life”, “Cash Flow Real Estate for the Real World”, “Creating The Life You Always Wanted” , “Protective Tactics 101” , hundreds of instructional videos and dozens of real estate related articles and reports.  He has been featured on numerous newspapers, magazines, and television shows.

Don currently conducts three transformational boutique trainings personally:

The Life You Always Wanted enables people to Define their true core principles and priorities, Design the life they always wanted, Develop specific, step by step, a-b-c, 1-2-3 strategies, and provides ongoing video coaching support to continually encourage and educate students to Deploy those strategies to create dramatic life improvements, financial independence, and passive income.


Cash Flow Real Estate for the Real World enables people to Attract, Convert, Leverage and Retain sellers, buyers, and private money, to safely and securely invest in real estate, for immediate equity and long term cash flow, with low taxes, low risk, and no speculation.  When money rolls in, freedom rolls out.  Don only accepts 50 students (by application ONLY) to personally mentor.  Students experience first hand, the people, processes, and systems used in Don’s personal real estate investing business on a daily basis to generate substantial equity and cash flow.


Protective Tactics 101 empowers people like you, with families like yours, to PREPARE, PREVENT, and PROTECT.  Prepare for the reality that you or someone you love will likely be assaulted, raped, or even killed.  Prevent assault by employing specific strategies and skills.  Protect yourself and your loved ones with a simple, easy to use, step by step, abc, 123, solution.  Protective Tactics is a system that will, potentially, save the life of you and those you love.  Protective Tactics 101 is taught by Don, Kim, & Donnie Johnson.


“Don Johnson has a system, a solution that will help you.  Don is a master at teaching people…He gives you tools, tips, and techniques, even training that will help you”   

            – Martin Howey, Speaker, Author, Mentor, CEO Topline Business Solutions


“Don Johnson…You are truly a man to be celebrated” 

-Joel Bauer, Producer, Mentor, Author of Gravitational Marketing and How to Persuade People Who Don’t Want to be Persuaded.


“Don’s advice and counseling have guided me in a directions where I really wanted to be”            -Kereakos Zuras, President, You Turn 2 Profits


“This man can help you.  He can provide the solution.”

            -Mike Calhoun, President Realty Infusion


“He teaches you the whole package.  Don Johnson is the guy.  You need to see him.”

            -Ted Thomas, America’s Tax Lien Certificate & Tax Deed Authority


“Don has integrity and character and…really knows what he is doing.”

            -Harry Dent, Founder H.S.Dent – economic Think Tank & Research Team


“Don saved my life, my savings are safe and secure, & growing.  I can finally retire and share time with my grandkids”  Beth S.


“Don’s unique and proven cash flow strategy offers lower risk, lower taxes, and higher, long term returns for me and my family.”  Tom B.


“Don finds incredible deals and we share the profit.  I love it!”  Karen T.


“Don consistently performs.  I was tired of risking my retirement in the stock market but I needed a decent return.  Now I can drive by my investments, I’m earning a great return, and I do nothing!  Don’s team handles it all.  Great roi, low risk, no hassle…What more could I ask?”  Jeff K.


“I’m so excited.  Don does it for you.  I’m able to invest, have a great return, and none of the worries.”  Dr. Lisa


“We were able to move into the house we wanted right away.  Our responsibilities for our current house were all taken by Don.  Today, we were able to buy the house we wanted” Tony T.


“Don assumed all responsibility.  He eliminated the headache of land lording…he allowed us to free up our income. Today, the home is sold.” Eric O.


“We were very stuck, and felt like we had no options.  Don helped us by buying our house, and helping us to buy the house we wanted & needed for our family” Ashley family.


“Affordable, & faster than a bank.  Saw the sign Saturday, looked at the house Monday, keys on Tuesday.  We are very happy” Urban family

Don resides with his wife and three children in Northwest Indiana.

For availability, contact Don@DonJohnsonUSA.com